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Neseaea Triflora

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Ammannia capitellata was long known as Nesaea triflora. This easy to grow  plant occurs in Madagascar and adjacent islands in sunny places along various waters. It is able to grow above and below water. Up to now, this Ammannia is more or less spread among aquarium hobbyists but hardly available in trade. Its submerged shoots have fleshy, to 5 mm thick stems and 3 - 5 cm long leaves. The foliage has light green to yellowish tones with a pink-orange marbling, The rigid shoots grow more or less upright under water, especially in plenty of light also rather obliquely, and branch moderately. especially with good lighting. In its terrestrial (emersed) form, the plant develops ascending to decumbent shoots with medium green, glossy leaves, light brown-red stems and small red-violet flowers.

4-5 stems per portion