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I have been aquascaping and shrimp keeping for the past 27 years. From growing plants, importing the first bucephalandras in Canada to ranking top 3 in Canada at the IAPLC competition, this is truly a hobby I love. Some might know me as JimmyJam or AquaticPlantMan on some of the forums. This website was meant to share my journey and to provide some of my favourite plants, shrimp and hobbyists knowledge to our local community, who have always struggled to find rare plants and shrimps in Canada. Feel free to let me know what else you might want to see on the site. You can see the latest product on our FB and Insta pages @aquaticplantman

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  • "Stop buying cups of plants that melt when you put them in your tank. Buy local, and you will see the difference in how the plants take off."

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