Shipping & Pickup

Pick up

We offer pickup at Hwy 7 and Woodbine Ave in Markham Every Monday, Wed, Thurs after 6pm  Friday before 4pm or on Sat mornings or by appointment.  After receiving your order we will contact you to discuss a pick up date and time. Depending on the time the order is placed and the size of the order, we are often able to accommodate same-day pick up. 


SHRIMP AND FISH ARE LOCAL PICKUP ONLY UNTIL  END OF MARCH or when the temp is back up above 8 deg C. I will remove it from your order and ship the rest if you missed this message =)

All shipments go out on mondays, unless it's a holiday in which case they will go out on tues.  Last order that will be packaged is on sunday before 4pm ET.  

Although 90% of the time expedited is good enough and more economical for you, it really does come down to the buyer's choice at checkout (all options are stated with dates and price prior to checking out. We have no control of this), due to the economics of it for everyone. From my multiple years of shipping experience,  heat packs are more of a liability than an asset (due to melting), so we choose not to use them which hence why we also don't ship shrimp in the winter.  Instead, we pay extra for mandatory signatures just to ensure the plants never hit below 0 deg C. and heat packs are optional by you, just add it to cart if required in your region.  This has worked tremendously well during winter months.  It does fail if the person doesn't pick up the plants for weeks when left at the the post office and is not home to receive the plants and loses the shipping sticker... kinda outa our hands at this point.

Packing is done using multiple layers of newspaper, foam insulation wrapping as needed put into boxes or cushioned packages,  and we will pack in rolled soft foam if the weather is bad.  We all take a risk when shipping anything live during this time in Canada,  We can however provide options for people to take to help enhance the shipping process (expensive boxes, foam, heat packs outside of foam boxes), but the more steps you take, the more expensive it becomes for the hobbyist.  The give and take to get a variety of plants to people with a moderate cost is understandably the hardest thing to get right.


APM guarantee can be found HERE


Dead on Arrival (DOA) Policy

In the unlikely event that a plant arrives to you DOA, please send us a photo of the plant within 12 hours of receiving it in the mail still in its original packaging and we will issue a refund. This guarantee only applies to UPS next day and Canada Post Priority shipments only.  We do not guarentee Canada Post Expedited or Express post shipping option, choose those at your own risk! Please choose wisely when picking the shipping option.  If you live in rural areas, I would definitely pick the priority options.