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Aquarium float valve auto top off

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This adjustable float valve fits perfectly on to the side of aquariums for those looking to top off tanks with RO water or drip acclimate shrimp or fish.  I personally have it on every shrimp tank and use it for all my tank top offs. 

1. This auto-top-off system is easy to install on to your aquarium or sump 
2. Float valve for manual adjustment and top off height (. Just bend the float and hear it click into place,  no screws or other tool, no metal screws, no corrosion.
3. Comes with a O-ring, can meet 16/12 water tubing
4. It is suitable for the aquarium which is under 15mm thickness. The adjustable range of water level is 0.5-15cm
5. The bracket is made of high quality material, stable and heavy enough, not easily knocked

Aquarium Water Filler Auto-top-Off System Adjustable Float Valve Mounting for Aquarium Auto Water Filler Controller